Taking a stand against unsolved murders

Taking a stand against unsolved murders

PRENTISS, Miss. (WDAM) - Families from Jefferson Davis County are taking a stand as many are looking for answers to why their loved ones murderers are still walking the streets.

The unsolved murders start with Stephen Tamoss Abram and Patrick Hartvog, whose lives were taken Dec. 16, 2017.

“The murder took place in my yard, we been seeking justice for this and we’ve been talking to them,” said Ricky Hartvog, father of Patrick Harvog. “They be saying ‘Yes yes, we’re working on it.' At least come to us and say we’re trying, you know, but we never hear nothing back. I mean, it’s just on going and we’re working on it. I mean, sometime, sooner or later, we look to have this solved.”

“We contradict ourselves because we are steady taking black lives,” said Stephen Abram, the father of Stephen Tamoss Abrams. “So I’m reaching out to the community to come together because it’s time to take a stand. It’s time to stop all this senseless killing.”

The community of Jefferson Davis county continues to reach out to law enforcement for answers, but nothing never come up on the case.

Diana Moody lost her daughter to a senseless killing, and it too is unsolved.

“Ashley was killed on Feb. 14, 2018, and up until this day, we do not have anyone that has been arrested for her murder. So I’m here along with everyone else seeking justice for my child,” said Diana Moody, mother of Ashley Oatis

Just recently Laneka Longino went missing and hasn’t been found.

“I miss my sister and that’s my only sister I got. I just want her to come home,” said Stephinie Longino, sister of Laneka Longino. “Y’all find out something. I can’t get no help in here, nothing, period. We’ve been searching ourselves. The police have not searched nowhere. Our family and friends have been helping us look for her.”

The community also mourns the unsolved murders of Ms. Edna Brister, Christopher Easterling and Reginal Hartvog.

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