Heidelberg holds Juneteenth drive-thru celebration

Heidelberg holds Juneteenth drive-thru celebration

HEIDELBERG, Miss. (WDAM) - COVID-19 didn’t stop Heidelberg residents from celebrating Juneteenth Friday. Organizers held a drive-thru celebration so that people in the community could remember the day in history.

This marks the 10th year for the commemoration of Juneteenth in Heidelberg. Community activist Angelia Moore explains the reason for the event.

“We’re hoping for this to be a catalyst for us as a community, so that we can continue this going,” Moore said. “But not just for Juneteenth, but for other things that we feel like, i.e a grocery store so that’s next on the agenda. We want to work through as a community.”

With the drive-thru edition, people attending got the opportunity to fill out the census, sign up for select services, grab give away bags and get a hot meal to go.

Also part of the drive-thru experience is the petition for the removal of the Confederate statue in front of the Mary Weems Parker Memorial Library.

“Because we are a primarily black community, we have all black alderman, we have a black mayor,” Moore said. “Why should we as a community look at that statue when we know what it stands for. We know that it doesn’t represent us and we know what it represents and the hatred, the bigotry and all of the white supremacist that it represents. It does not represent our community.”

The community is currently working with Mary Helen Abel, who is the granddaughter of Mary Weems Parker, who the library is named after.

Abel explains why it’s time to see the removal of the statue.

“We are raising this issue now because that statue represents the same brutality that we’ve seen inflicted on black bodies across this country in recent weeks. The same brutality that’s been inflicted on black bodies over the last 400 years the violence isn’t new,” Abel said. “The brutality isn’t new, the technology is.”

The Juneteenth drive-thru celebration continues Saturday in Heidelberg from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m.

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