Dental practice works to keep patients and staff safe from COVID-19

Dental practice works to keep patients and staff safe from COVID-19

HATTIESBURG, Miss. (WDAM) - Baker and Graham Dental is doing all it can to keep patients and staff safe during the COVID crisis.

“We take your temperature as soon as you come in and we have you sanitize your hands,” said Dr. William Baker. “Then, when you get back into the room, we do a hydrogen peroxide rinse for a minute. That just kind of knocks out any viral accumulation that you may have in your mouth.”

Baker says the practice had to shut down for about seven weeks and just recently opened its doors back up.

Patients are required to wear masks and the staff works to make sure everything is wiped down and cleaned after each patient.

“We’re using N95 masks when we’re working on patients,” Baker said. “We use face shields and gowns. A lot of these things we were already doing. Wiping the rooms down, cleaning the room and sterilizing everything after every patient.”

Baker says so far, everyone has been very cooperative.

“The patients are very grateful,” Baker said. “They understand. They come in with their masks on, they know from the moment we check their temperature, they seem to follow everything. We’ve had a lot of patients where this is the first place they come since the quarantine. They haven’t left their house and they felt safe enough to come see us.”

Baker says while he’s never dealt with a crisis event to this extreme, he has dealt with a virus outbreak before.

“When I was in dental school, there was a new virus out there called HIV that nobody knew much about at all,” Baker said. “This kind of reminds me of what’s going on now. We didn’t know anything except you better wear gloves, you better have a mask on and you better wear glasses.”

Baker says the practice is able to serve patients at full capacity.

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