NFL release planner on teams’ return to facilities

NFL release planner on teams’ return to facilities
NFL Release Planner on Team’s return to Facilities (Source: WVUE Sports)

NEW ORLEANS, La. (WDAM) - The NFL isn’t ready yet to open team facilities and offices back up, but when they do, they will take a tiered approach that revolves around infection prevention and social distancing.

The league sent a planner out to its 32 teams Sunday outlining procedures for the full reopening of their practice facilities.

There are two tiers. The first involves players, coaches, trainers or anyone else who has direct access to the players, like physicians and equipment managers.

Facility staff, general manager and football operations staff will be in Tier 2 and there will be different entrances for Tier 1 and Tier 2 members. All must undergo daily screening and testing before entering the complex.

As of now, there is not timetable set for players to return to facilities, but New Orleans Saints coach Sean Payton has made it clear the team won’t be back until July.

“Sean mentioned to us in a meeting the other day that he does not foresee us coming back in the office until training camp," New Orleans defensive Coordinator Dennis Allen said. “I know there’s been some talk around the league of other teams beginning to have their coaches show back up, but that’s really not part of the plan as far as Coach Payton is concerned.

"We’re really just handling everything that we can remotely, and I think at this time of year, I think if the players were in, it would maybe be a little different story. But I think we can get a lot of things accomplished being able to work remotely.”

The camp protocols also included descriptions of screening, testing, infection prevention and treatment for COVID-19 and response for new infections.

Also included were instructions on proper facility access; cleaning and disinfecting; physical distancing; hygiene; health education and medical services; food preparation; supplies; and team travel.

Last week, coaching staffs were approved to return, but only if local governmental rules allowed it.