Preparing your hurricane kits for hurricane season

Preparing your hurricane kits for hurricane season

HATTIESBURG, Miss. (WDAM) - This hurricane season, don’t be caught off guard and forget to be prepared for when severe weather strikes.

WDAM’s First Alert Weather Team breaks down what is needed in your hurricane kits during this season.

The very basic things to keep is snacks, water, paper towels, toilet paper, flash lights and batteries. Also keep trash bags and Ziploc bags.

“The reason you would need trash bags is because you would need to put safe documents in there,” said meteorologist Patrick Bigbie “What we are talking about is documents that need to be kept safe, such as insurance papers, valuables, family heirlooms, pictures like that. That way if you live in a flood area, it won’t get wet and they’ll be safe and protected. Ziploc bags are important, because you can put your phone in and if you have to move or you have flood waters this will protect your phone and prevent you from having to buy another iPhone or another Android and that could save you about a thousand dollars.”

It’s important to also prepare you kits for COVID-19 as well, so you’ll need to include items like gloves, face masks and hand sanitizer.

Chief Meteorologist Nick Lilja explains the items we need to fight against the coronavirus.

“It’s probably just always nice to just have a mask in here,” Lilja said. “You may want to consider having some Lysol spray, maybe some hand sanitizer is always a good idea. Because you never know, and even some gloves. You know, heaven forbid, that something happens to you, OK that’s bad. But what about you neighbors? They’ve gotta come over. You want to make sure that you’re protecting yourself from them and you’re protecting them from you.”

And always remember to keep weather radios near and close, they will provide you with the information from the National Weather Service with updates on all severe weather.

Also remember that you can always download WDAM’s First Alert Weather App with all of your weather updates in the Pine Belt.

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