73rd annual Mississippi Deep Sea Fishing Rodeo canceled

73rd annual MS Deep Sea Fishing Rodeo Canceled

GULFPORT, Miss. (WLOX) - Nearly 50,000 people every year flock to the coast to participate in the annual Mississippi Deep Sea Fishing Rodeo, but after 72 consecutive years of the event taking place it will be cancelled due to the pandemic.

The Rodeo’s president, Richard Valdez, said that with the restrictions, loss of sponsors, and any potential danger for attendees and participants were ultimately too big of a risk for the event to proceed this summer. He also urged that this was not the city or county’s fault, but rather a decision to simply hold off for a bigger and better event next summer.

“It was just going to be too much of a gamble if we spent the money and we were only allowed 100-200 people,” Valdez told WLOX.

“The rodeo would fold and that would be the end of the rodeo. We decided to hold the money until next year, hopefully things are back to normal, and we can go forward from there.”

Valdez also said that the money spent on this year’s event will roll over into 2021.

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