Laurel restaurant sees slows start since reopening

Laurel restaurant sees slows start since reopening

LAUREL, Miss. (WDAM) - It’s been almost a month since restaurants across Mississippi resumed dine-in services, but despite reopening, business isn’t booming for some.

“Business has been a little bit slow compared to last year,” said owner of Mimmo’s Ristorante Pizzeria, Mimmo Rendina.

Business for the family-owned Italian eatery in Laurel looked a lot different prior to COVID-19.

“This time it was almost full house. It slowed down a lot,” Rendina said.

While customers have been slow to return, Rendina said the restaurant is following state safety guidelines.

“We have our sanitized stations around. We have everyone wear a mask, gloves,” Rendina said.

He said he hopes things will pick up now that all businesses are allowed to be opened.

“I’m pretty sure everything is going to do better if everybody does what we’re supposed to do,” said Rendina. “We see the casinos are opening back up. The beach, they are full, so I’m pretty sure everybody will start to feel a little bit more safe.”

For now, Rendina says the restaurant is doing everything it can to move forward and will continue focusing on hospitality and safety.

“If they want to come to eat, we’re here, and we will make sure to sanitize every station, you know, check on everybody,” said Rendina.

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