Covington Co. Sheriff’s Dept. develops new website

Covington Co. Sheriff’s Dept. develops new website

COLLINS, Miss. (WDAM) - Covington County residents can learn more about their sheriff’s department by logging on to a brand new website.

It’s and it was developed by sheriff’s department staff.

“It’s got a lot of great information,” said Darrell Perkins, Covington County sheriff. “It’s got the Covington County Most Wanted, it’s got the inmate roster, it’s got the weather, it’s all the things that we need.”

And Perkins says it’s all done at no cost to the county.

"We don’t have to pay a dime, all we have to do is keep it up," Perkins said.

Perkins has also added a new lighted sign in the parking lot of the sheriff’s department.

It was purchased with donated funds.

There’s also a new logo design for the sheriff’s department on some patrol vehicles.

“We’re only going to do the new (vehicles) to start off with and so, keep the expense down low and hopefully, in a couple of years, we’ll have this new style,” Perkins said.

The new design costs about $600 for each car.

Perkins is also adding a new photo gallery to the lobby of the sheriff’s department.

It will include images of all the past sheriffs of Covington County.

Perkins was sworn in as sheriff of Covington County on Jan. 2, 2020.

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