Lamar Co. distributing 20,000 masks to community

Lamar Co. distributing 20,000 masks to community

LAMAR COUNTY, Miss. (WDAM) - Thanks to the state mask program that is being provided through the Mississippi Emergency Management Agency, residents in Lamar County are able to get proper face protection for COVID-19.

“The intention is to try to let everyone that needs one have one in the community," said Lamar County Administrator Jody Waits.

The county received 20,000 masks to be given out.

Masks are limited to one per household. This is to give every family a chance to get a mask.

The county is running low on the number of masks it has but is expecting a new shipment soon.

“You can put a mask on to protect you and others," Waits said. "We are encouraging people to get a mask and wear a mask and take responsibility for their own personal behaviors. It will help us return to some sort of normalcy.”

Lamar County has been averaging about five new cases of COVID-19 a day.

Here is a list of locations where you can get a mask:

  • Lamar County Chancery Courthouse: 601-794-8504
  • Purvis City Hall: 601-794-2472
  • Lumberton City Hall: 601-796-8341
  • Sumrall City Hall: 601-758-3591
  • Emergency Operations Center: 601-794-5378
  • Southeast Lamar Fire Station: (2394 Little Black Road)
  • Beaver Lake Fire Station: (15 Beaver Lake Road)
  • Pine Ridge Fire Station: (1460 Hwy 589)
  • Southwest Lamar Fire Station: (10 Bay Creek Road)
  • Oloh Fire Station: (380 Old Hwy 24)
  • Central Lamar Fire Station: (1 Keystone Road)
  • Oak Grove Fire Station: (2536 Old Hwy 24)
  • Northeast Fire Station: (753 Weathersby Road and 5502 West 4th Street)
  • Hickory Grove Fire Station: (16 Newman Camp Road)
  • Sumrall Fire Station: ( 454 Epley Road)

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