Lamar County continues recovery from April 19 tornado

Lamar County continues recovery from April 19 tornado

LAMAR COUNTY, Miss. (WDAM) - Residents in Lamar County are still picking up the pieces a month after it was hit by an EF-4 tornado.

“Everybody always says, ‘It’s never going to hit me, it’s going to go somewhere else.’ This time it didn’t. This time it came right over us," said Roger Miller, pastor of Caney Baptist Church in Lumberton.

Miller says both his home and the church were severely damaged in the tornado.

“Our house is gutted," Miller said. "We’re living in a trailer now, a camper, until it’s finished. It’s all good. God’s blessed us in a lot of different ways. We just give him the glory for all He’s done through this.”

Miller says it’s been a slow process trying to get everything cleaned up and back to normal.

He says he’s thankful for everyone who has come out to help restore the community

“We’ve had people from the community helping," Miller said. "The county has come and picked a lot of the stuff off the roads. We still have stuff falling from the trees that are still broken. There’s a lot of people hurting through this, but God has been good. That’s a credit I want to give to Him, give God the glory.”

The church has been able to host drive-in services. It had its first in-house service last week.

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