Merely more musings from the Isle of Isolation ...

Merely more musings from the Isle of Isolation ...
Tim Doherty offers a few thoughts while social isolating from the coronavirus. (Source: Gray Media)

HATTIESBURG, Miss. (WDAM) - Hello walls ...

  • Why does it feel like, perhaps, a sports COVID-19 Groundhog Day is just around the corner?

The National Football League is allowing teams to open facilities Tuesday, assuming local and state guidelines permit.

The Southeastern Conference heads meet next week, with a vote expected on whether to open up athletic facilities.

June 1 is being floated as just maybe, the day a decision will be made whether to reopen high school facilities to athletes.

The Pine Belt is slowly opening up from the rigors of social isolation, with further loosening likely depending on what sort of reactions result from the recent toe-in-the-water measures.

But any crystal ball gazings remain more like a Magic Eight Ball, still muddled, still murky.

While we may be slipping from the unknown toward the uncertain, perhaps, we will get over the hump to find we are not out of the woods just yet.

Will less restrictive guidelines boomerang, resulting in an even more crippling lockdown in a month’s time? Two months’ time?

Are we looking at a fairly straight path to normalcy or a series of stutter steps?

Will we be unable to hit our stride until a medical shield is developed?

We remain optimistic. Hope was the curative left in Pandora’s box.

So, let us hope in these next few weeks, the “groundhog” doesn’t see his shadow and we see a COVID-19 spring a-coming.

And for Pete’s sake, please do not let us have to avoid Ned Ryerson on a daily basis and sink over the boot top into a pothole of cold, slushy water.

  • We may have missed this, but is matted hair a coronavirus symptom?

Having never been blessed with enough to worry about for the majority of our existence, we’ve woken most of our lives with no worse than the dreaded “bedhead,” a few tangles corrected by a few brushstrokes, and voila’.

But here lately, we’ve discovered what only can be described as space-shuttle-impenetrable packets of pain woven into the wings of hair on the sides of the head.

Many run about the size of Chiclets, and those actually can be unraveled with only a modicum of cuss and fuss.

It’s the smaller ones that we swear are descendants of material that housed the Sword in Stone, mini Gordian Knots that require an Alexandrian solution.



We need a haircut.

  • Was reading an article in National Geographic about the plight of the “sloth bears” of India, which are being threatened by the loss of habitat.

Apparently, these critters are equipped with anteater-like proboscises, and indeed, their main menu consists of ants and termites.

However, they also are equipped wicked, curved claws and they don’t hesitate when running into folks, going into instant attack-mode .

It was a good piece. Interesting.

And then we got to this line: “More than 80 percent of the attacks have occurred in forests.”

Don’t say.

If we were in Vegas, that’s where we’d lay our money, the forest, as opposed to say, pool-side or at India’s indigenous version of a roadhouse.

(Which just flashed a mental image of Patrick Swayze taking on a ticked-off, inebriated sloth bear).

  • Man, what gives?

In the stretch of a news cycle, we bid farewell to Fred Williard, Astrid Kirchherr and Phyllis George after one fell scythe of the Reaper.

Never the star but always the sun which any scene he was in revolved, Willard played the doltish wingman brilliantly, an essentially off-kilter character whose on-off switch from thought to vocalization has quit working. Painfully funny at times, but splurt-your-drink–out funny consistently.

Kirchherr was a Teutonic muse for a band of lads from Liverpool, a photographer who captured The Beatles in their leather-jacketed, slicked-back formative years. She and then-Beatles bassist Stu Sutcliffe fell for one another, and he first adopted the “moptop” haircut that would become a hallmark with her encouragement.

George was a former Miss America who became the Barbara Walters of sports. In 1975, she joined Brent Musburger and Irv Cross on “The NFL Today,” helping to open the door for myriad women sports journalists/personalities to follow.

RIP to the three.

  • Heard this the other day, and is there a better outtro in recorded music than Gladys Knight and the Pips’ “Midnight Train to Georgia?”

Knight, one of the great voices to start with, absolutely kills with her fills down the stretch, especially when she crisply rips “I got to go” in trips as The Pips provide counterpoint:

“And I’m gonna be with him”/(I know you will)

“On that midnight train to Georgia/(Leavin’ on that midnight train to Georgia, whoo, hoo)

“I’d rather live in his world/ (Live in his world)

“Then live without him in mine”/(Her his...his and hers alone)


  • Be kind. Be wary. Be smart. Be safe.

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Copyright 2020 WDAM. All rights reserved.