Miss. truckers busier than ever as demand increases around the country

Miss. truckers busier than ever as demand increases around the country
To speed the delivery of shipments during the coronavirus pandemic, the United States has suspended driving limits for truckers. (Source: Pablo)

RICHLAND, Miss. (WLBT) - The American trucking industry is busier than ever during the coronavirus outbreak and across the country and here in the metro, there’s increased demand for supplies and food.

Interstates are now heavy with traffic of truckers hauling vital goods that are in high demand because of the virus.

It’s an important supply chain that consumers are relying on more than ever before.

At KLLM Trucking in Richland more truck drivers are hitting the road due to the virus outbreak.

The truck company is one of the largest haulers of perishable food and pharmaceuticals. They say they can reset the supply chain with consumers help.

“Manufactures are increasing supplies, truckers are staying busier than ever," said Jim Richards. "Products on the way, people don’t need to panic and hoard products. There’s a steady stream of product on the way, it’s coming and it’s been delivered for the past couple weeks.”

Truckers say they're seeing less traffic on the roads as more people stay home to avoid the virus, allowing them to deliver their goods more efficiently.

“Our drivers see it as a great opportunity, not only to help the country, but also a great opportunity for them financially right now,” said Richards.

Don Woods has been driving trucks for 18 years. He’s spending more time on the road and every moment at home is more precious.

“My family understands the crisis that we’re going through and I let them know as long as I make sure they’re taken care of at home, I can stay out here on the road longer and provide for my family,” said Woods.

Truckers are responsible for delivering 70 percent of all goods in the US, their role now more important than ever.

KLLM also says that 80 percent of their support staff is now working from home, something that’s never happened before the virus.

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