Low turnouts for primary elections Tuesday, hopes for more voters come November

Low turnouts for primary elections Tuesday, hopes for more voters come November

PINE BELT, Miss. (WDAM) - The 2020 primary elections saw low turnouts in different voting precincts across the Pine Belt Tuesday.

Aside from the general elections in November, precincts are normally expected to having lighter turnouts, and that was no different in Jones and Forrest counties.

“For the most part, it’s been kind of slow,” said Jones County Circuit Clerk Concetta Brooks. “There’s a few times like five o’clock, get off time, lunch time, you’d maybe see a few more people.”

At the North Laurel Voting Precinct, workers said it was mainly steady but that wasn’t the case throughout the county.

Brooks commented on the area’s low number of voters compared to the actual number that are registered.

“Looking at their total number of people registered to vote at that precinct, some of them were extremely slow more so in the rural area,” said Brooks.

Even though voter turnout was low in the primary, that doesn’t give a good indication of how it will be in November.

“No, we had a massive amount four years ago in the general election in November,” said Brooks. “It probably exceeded or came close to exceeding what we have in our local general elections.”

In Forrest County, circuit clerk Gwen Wilks said she believed overall turnout was down in the county.

“I think it’s kind of a low turnout,” said Wilks. “I don’t think the turnout was real big, which I also think is not unusual on a presidential primary either.”

Wilks also said voting did go smoothly at all the precincts in the county.

For Jones County, Brooks wants to see more people get to the polls in these elections, as well as the election to fill the District 88 vacancy in April.

“It’s sad that we don’t have any more turnout than we do for our elections,” said Brooks. “And I just urge people to get interested, you know. Get out, come vote, vote early, absentee vote, but most importantly, be there to support who they want to represent us in Jackson.”

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