South Jones teacher wins Golden Apple Award

South Jones elementary teacher wins Golden Apple Award

JONES COUNTY, Miss. (WDAM) - WDAM 7 and TEC have teamed up to recognize our great educators for all that they do for our children and the community.

After reviewing your submissions, February’s TEC, WDAM 7 Golden Apple Award winner is seventh-grade math teacher Kristie Busby of South Jones Elementary School.

Before Busby received the award, the principal’s office filled with faculty and staff wanting to support Busby and waiting to surprise her. Right before the surprise, the principal and faculty shared kind words about Busby.

The principal showed off notes Busby’s students have written about her. The students’ notes detailed her as a kind teacher who doesn’t rush through lessons and is a nerd, but in a good way.

Skylar Weir, a counselor at South Jones Elementary School, couldn’t agree more with the students. She nominated Busby for the Golden Apple Award.

“No matter what’s going on, she has a smile on her face. She is one of the best teachers I have ever known,” Weir said.

The supervising principal, B.R. Jones, said Busby is a phenomenal educator.

“She gets to know her students on a personal basis, knows where they are in the learning process," Jones said. “She utilizes that information to really take them to the next level of their learning.”

To make sure the surprise happened without a hitch, the principal lured Busby to the office with a story about student teachers from William Carey University coming to observe her. We soon learned Busby was too smart for the white lie.

As Busby finally walked into the room, the crowd yelled, “surprise!” Once the shock wore off, Busby was a little speechless, but she said the award meant so much and she had her suspicions before walking into the room.

“I don’t know. I just kind of thought that there weren’t people from William Carey coming!” Busby said. “I don’t know. Everybody has just been really nice to me today!”

While thanking everyone in the room, Busby received a couple more tokens of appreciation of flowers and a card. She joked with the crowd that they did a good job keeping the secret. She said this day shows her that her teaching has value.

“It just means that what I am doing makes a difference, because a lot of days, you know, we don’t see it," Busby said. "We have to look at the overall picture, you know, to see results. This just validates that what I am doing makes a difference in these kids’ lives.”

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