Receding waters reveal flood damage left in Marion County

Receding waters reveal flood damage left in Marion County

MARION COUNTY, Miss. (WDAM) - Each bit of water that makes its way back into the Pearl River is a victory for those affected by the flooding.

With entire yards filled with water, many residents in Marion County can only wait.

Drew Haddox has been trying to get to his kids, who are flooded in on Old Foxworth Road with their grandparents.

“I’m too scared to drive it because the river’s swaying and there’s a deep ditch right there and I know there’s more than 5 feet of water right there on the driveway,” Haddox said. “Wait for it to go down. They’ve got plenty of food and all that.”

As the water recedes, it reveals the damage left behind.

On Highway 587, flood waters continue to flow as part of the road has been washed away. Several parts of Old Foxworth Road are gone as well.

Some people whose homes were damaged in the flood are heading back to see what they’re dealing with.

“Oh, it was overwhelming because we had to take a boat to get back to the house," Lauren Stevens said.

Lauren said about a foot of water made it into her home, and damaging the lower floor and preventing them from moving back in.

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