Purvis cheer team wins national championship

Purvis cheer team wins national championship

PURVIS, Miss. (WDAM) - Seventeen members of the Purvis High School Cheer Competition team came home champions earlier this month after winning the 2020 UCA National High School Cheerleading competition in Orlando, Florida.

Purvis High School placed first in the Large Varsity Division II Game Day competition.

"It was pretty unexpected,” said team captain Haegan Tynes.

The squad made it to nationals last year and placed seventh. This year, their goal was to get in the top five, but they never imagined they would place first

“We sat there listening to all the teams being called and they called out all the top 10 and they were down to second and first,” Tynes said. “We were going to be happy even if we placed second. Then they called the second-place team and that’s when we knew that we won and we just freaked out.”

Captains say there were a few hiccups, but the team came together and pushed through.

“We had a lot go on,” said a team member. “We lost a lot of people. A lot of people quit. We had different choreographers, different lots of things. Honestly, we didn’t want to go to nationals, like at first we didn’t want to go.

"Working so hard is what made it worth it, because we would have long and hard practices,” said Tynes. “We would sweat, we would be out of breath, we would be tired, and we would have to push through and keep doing what we know how to do. All of that made winning worth it.”

The team says they have high expectations for next year’s squad.

“We want to keep it going,” said a team member. “We’re getting more white jackets. We are defiantly more motivated to bring home another championship and work harder.”

This is the first time Purvis High School Cheerleaders have won a national title.

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