Hattiesburg CTE teachers job shadow at Forrest General Hospital

HATTIESBURG, Miss. (WDAM) - While high school students take the basic math, English and science courses, some schools offer the opportunity to take CTE classes.

CTE classes are career and technical education classes that give students a head start in college and career fields.

"There are a variety of skills and jobs they can learn outside of law and public safety,” said CTE law and public safety educator Taletha Winston. “We have culinary, health sciences, sports medicine, engineering, polymer science, there is just a wide array of things we have."

Teachers with Hattiesburg High Schools’ CTE program were able to get their own hands-on learning Monday at Forrest General Hospital.

Fifteen CTE teachers job shadowed at the hospital, learning what the staff does daily.

“I think everything comes down to being workforce ready,” said Jermaine Brown, director of the CTE program. “They will get some of the tips from the experts and practitioners in the field, that they can take directly back to their kids, whether it be soft skills or even some of the technical skills.”

CTE programs focus on more than just healthcare, offering programs from engineering to culinary to everything in between.

Brown says that's why he chose Forrest General for the job shadowing.

"When you think Forrest General, you may just think health care, but from the programs that we offer for Hattiesburg Public Schools, we have culinary arts, electrical, etc,” said Brown. “Forrest General offers all those careers as well. We wanted to make sure that our instructors were exposed to that fact and that way they can take it back to their students."

Educators say they are excited to take what they've learned back to their students.

“This is real life experience that I can take back to the classroom to talk with the students about what to expect in the workplace," Wilson said. "Teach them about professionalism, ethics and confidentiality. It actually prepares them for the workplace and what to expect once they get into their career fields.”

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