Laurel community continues recovery from December Tornado

Laurel community continues recovery from December Tornado

LAUREL, Miss. (WDAM) - Some Laurel residents are still trying to salvage what’s left of their communities after the December EF 3 tornado.

“It was rough," said Laurel resident Eric Hall. "It sounded like a train coming through, like it derailed. Me being me, I’m going to see, and what I saw was turmoil.”

Hall and his family live on 2nd Avenue in Laurel. The December tornado left most of their neighborhood damaged.

He says he and the community are doing all they can to get things cleaned up.

“Let’s get it done," Hall said. “Laurel, we’re going to make it beautiful again and get it right.”

They just need a little more help.

“People just came from everywhere," Hall said. "They came from everywhere trying to help. It’s love man, it’s all love baby. All we need is just, we aren’t asking for support or money, just a little bit of manpower.”

Laurel city crews were out and about Thursday picking up tree limbs and branches from the sidewalks of 2nd Avenue.

Mayor Johnny Magee said the city is doing what it can to pitch in, but it’s been tough due to FEMA not declaring an emergency for the city.

“We did not have enough damage according to FEMA," Magee said. "You couldn’t tell the people that the damaged happened to that, but that’s FEMA’s regulations. We did not have enough buildings that were damaged heavily enough, according to FEMA’s regulations, but we are trying to do all that we can to help people recover that don’t have insurance.”

The city has partnered with R3SM in Hattiesburg to help rebuild.

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