Mississippi Legislative Black Caucus announces 2020 agenda

Mississippi Legislative Black Caucus

JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - The Mississippi Legislative Black Caucus highlighted key issues that affect the African-American community, Wednesday at the Capitol Building.

Chairwoman and Senator Angela Turner-Ford lead the press conference.

A main topic of concern was health care expansion along with addressing the state’s infant mortality rate.

“Black women in Mississippi are three times more likely to die from complications related to child birth. This is a travesty. And we want to do something about it,” said Tuner-Ford.

Under-funded public schools are also part of the agenda.

Turner-Ford said education in predominantly black areas like Jackson should not suffer quality due to lack of funding or teacher shortages.

“One way this could be addressed is to implement programs that allow for loan forgiveness for those teachers that decide they want to go and serve in under performing or economically depressed areas," she said.

The Caucus is also fighting for the economic justice of African-Americans. Mississippi is the only state that does not have a law to prohibit discriminatory money lending.

Turner-Ford and the other members look to push for this legislation along with criminal justice and election reform.

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