FCAHS teachers experience Marine Corps boot camp: day two

FCAHS teachers experience Marine Corps boot camp: day two

PARRIS ISLAND, S.C. (WDAM) - The Marine Educators Workshop invites teachers and administrators from all over the country to Marine Corps Recruit Depot Parris Island to see what recruits go through during the 13-week training.

Forrest County Agricultural High School teachers Denver Taylor and Stephen Miller had the opportunity to be a part of the workshop.

The goal is for educators to help guide their own students who might want to pursue the military as a career choice.

Early Thursday morning, the teachers were able to watch some of the Marine recruit’s routine physical fitness training.

“We call it crawl walk run,” said 1st Lieutenant Mackenzie Margoum, assistant marketing and communications officer. “You’re not expected to come into Parris Island being able to run 3 miles under 25 minutes. We get you there. It’s a process.”

The early morning runs and push-ups are just some of the many physically and mentally challenging hurdles recruits must endure.

The educators had the chance to put face those hurdles themselves.

They started on the confidence course. This course tests recruits’ strengths and weakness, while building their character.

“They get to experience a couple obstacles and challenge themselves and see if they have what it takes or would have what it takes if they were younger,” Margoum said.

The teachers were also able to experience martial arts training, the repel wall and the gas chamber.

Both Taylor and Miller say the educators workshop has been a real eye opener as to what people must go through to become a Marine.

“It’s unbelievable," Miller said. "To know that every Marine goes through this, it’s just been so humbling, the fact that somebody would go through all of this just for the opportunity to protect us.”

“I would tell any educator if they had the opportunity to do this, they need to jump on it because I think this is something that hardly very few people get the opportunity to even see in this country, and I think that you can actually gain a lot more for your personal benefit as well as for your students," Taylor said.

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