Boil water advisory issued for Lumberton

Published: Feb. 5, 2020 at 10:21 AM CST
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LUMBERTON, Miss. (WDAM) - A boil water advisory is in effect for the entire City of Lumberton.

According to the Mississippi State Department of Health, the advisory affects more than 2,000 customers who get their water from the city.

State health officials said the boil water notice was issued Tuesday after the city reported a water pump malfunction.

Lamar County School District Superintendent Tess Smith said while the advisory affects Lumberton schools, bottled water is being supplied to students. Smith added students are allowed to bring bottled water with them to school if they choose.

MSDH officials say you should follow these guidelines if you’re affected by the boil water advisory:

Do Not

  • Do not drink tap water while the water system is under a boil water advisory.
  • Do not drink from water fountains in parks, public or private buildings that receive water from the affected system.
  • Do not use ice unless it has been made with boiled water. Freezing will not necessarily kill harmful bacteria.
  • Do not use tap water to make drinks, juices, or fountain soft drinks.


  • Wash your dishes in boiled water or use paper plates for the next few days.
  • Wash your fruits and vegetables with boiled or bottled water since they may have been exposed to affected water from grocery store sprayers.
  • Wash your hands and bathe as usual. Bathing is safe as long as no water is swallowed.
  • Brush your teeth with boiled or bottled water.
  • Cook with tap water if the food will be boiled for at least one minute.

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