Stone County residents push for Second Amendment Sanctuary

A group of Stone County residents asked the Board of Supervisors for further protection of Second Amendment rights.

Gun advocates want Stone County to become a 2nd Amendment Sanctuary

Stone County, Miss. (WLOX) -In response to recent gun control measures in states like Virginia, a group in Stone County wants the area to become what they call a “Second Amendment Sanctuary.” Monday, the Citizens Militia of Mississippi urged the Board of Supervisors to pass such a resolution.

Michael Fenton was one example, who stood up for his beliefs, urging the Board of Supervisors to pass the resolution to further protect the gun rights of citizens in Stone County.

"I’m wanting to make sure my children, my grandchildren— however long our line goes— they understand that and know that if something happens they’re able to stand up for the rights that are given to us,” said Fenton.

Fenton is pushing for supervisors to pass the resolution to honor servicemen and women that protect the rights of Americans.

“Everybody that stood up and fought for our God-given rights, our constitutional rights, and our amendment rights. I want to make sure that they know they are appreciated,” said Fenton. “We’re not just going to let anybody take away from them.”

Recently gun control measures have been taken in other states. Vice President of the Stone County Board of Supervisors Lance Pearson does not shy away from letting residents know he supports the Second Amendment.

“We assured all the people there that we were very, very, pro-gun people,” said Pearson. “The local government is very much for gun rights.”

The Second Amendment Sanctuary movement is aimed at preventing new more restrictive gun laws from being enforced in a certain area. While Stone County Supervisors support gun rights, they want to take a closer look at the Sanctuary resolution.

"We tabled it this morning just to make sure we ain’t trying to bypass no state laws and to cover us from any kind of suits that would tend to give people [and] an individual more rights that they don’t have through the state,” said Pearson.

The Stone County Board of Supervisors meets on the first and third Monday of each month. Their next meeting is at the County Courthouse on Feb. 17th at 9 a.m.

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