City of Hattiesburg announces upcoming water improvement projects

City of Hattiesburg announces upcoming water improvement projects

HATTIESBURG, Miss. (WDAM) - Hattiesburg Mayor Toby Barker announced water improvement projects for three Hattiesburg neighborhoods: Shadow Wood, Audubon-Westwood and County Club Road.

Mayor Barker was joined by Ward 3 Councilman Carter Carrol, Ward 4 Councilwoman Mary Dryden, Ward 5 Councilman Nicholas Brown and neighborhood representatives at Vernon Dahmer Park Tuesday morning.

“For the past two and half years, our administration and city council have worked together to proactively replace undersized water lines throughout the city – often the main cause of brown water,” said Barker. “These three projects will make significant progress toward eliminating these undersized lines while providing more consistent pressure and fewer occurrences of brown water.”

Country Club Road’s project will include the complete replacement of the existing line alongside Country Club Road and replacing undersized 2” lines to upgrade them to 6” and 8” lines where they are needed.

The lines are along Donald Street, Coleman Street, Baxter Street, Amos Street, Barry Street, Scooba Street and Florence Street, as they all go into Country Club Road to the north.

A portion of the lines along Eastside Street and Townsend Street will also be upgraded as the project will cost $638,327.25 with the aim to have it completed by late Summer.

The Audubon-Westwood project will have the undersized 2” line replaced with 6” and 8” lines along Pineview Drive, Evergreen Lane, Woodhaven Drive, Ridgeway Lane and the southernmost parts of South 19th Avenue and the Terraces, as the work is scheduled to start in March and expected to be done by early fall.

For Shadow Wood, undersized lines will be replaced and upgraded with properly sized lines in places needed along Shadow Wood Drive and Huckleberry Lane to reduce water leaks.

Construction on the project will begin late spring and done by the middle of fall.

The Audubon-Westwood and Shadow Wood projects are a part of the same construction project and will cost $884,981.68

“While we expect minimal disruption to water service – except for when connecting existing lines to new lines – each project will come with its own inconveniences,” said Barker. “We ask that you continue to have patience with us as we improve our aging infrastructure where necessary.”

Any yard disruptions will be replaced by the contractor to how they were before construction once line installation and testing is done.

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