A new feathered friend joins the Hattiesburg Zoo

A new feathered friend joins the Hattiesburg Zoo

HATTIESBURG, Miss. (WDAM) - The Hattiesburg Zoo recently welcomed Tina, an East African crowned crane.

The bird was donated to the Hattiesburg Zoo by Jack Roderick, who passed away last year. Roderick has a history of taking care of exotic animals.

“She’s [Tina} about 23 years old and she came to the Hattiesburg Zoo about a month ago," said Matthew Fripp director of animal care at the zoo. "She’s the first East African crowned crane we’ve ever had.”

Tina’s home is inside the flamingo exhibit, but before she could join them she had to undergo a few tests.

“There was a long process, we had to make sure that she was healthy," Fripp said. "We had our veterinarian take a look at her to give a visual assessment and once she was deemed healthy, we figured out a place where she could live in the zoo.”

Tina’s diet consists of a “crane diet." She also enjoys super worms for snacks.

Fripp believes Tina brings a unique experience to the zoo.

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