Logistical issues ahead if Miss. lawmakers pass bill allowing wine in grocery stores

No space for wine in grocery stores

JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - There could be logistic challenges ahead for the state if lawmakers pass a bill that allows wine to be sold in grocery stores.

Officials at the Alcohol Beverage Control warehouse in Gluckstadt say they don’t have room to handle the wine for grocery stores at this time.

The wine is currently stored on shelves as high as the ceiling and almost every one is full.

"We are THE LAST state in the south to not have wine in grocery stores."
"We are THE LAST state in the south to not have wine in grocery stores."

If a state law is passed, that would add another couple hundred locations that would have to be serviced by ABC which is another challenge.

As demand for more wine variations has gone up, along with consumption, state officials have also increased their inventory.

Chip Jones, Deputy Director of the Alcohol Beverage Control Division said, “It would be a challenge and we would have to look at our program to see what we could do to make the changes that could allow for that without adversely effecting any of the other permits.”

The group pushing for wine in grocery stores says convenience is their primary selling point.

They also say wine could bring in an extra 20 million in revenue to the state.

They have until February 24th to get a bill introduced.

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