Mississippians hope to win big with Mega Millions and Powerball tickets

Mega Millions, Powerball tickets go on sale

PINE BELT, Miss. (WDAM) - Folks around the Magnolia State are trying their luck at the massive jackpot lottery games. For the first time, Powerball and Mega Millions lottery tickets became available throughout Mississippi Thursday morning.

Someone in Mississippi could become a millionaire overnight if their lucky numbers are drawn. Thursday, many people purchased Mega Millions and Powerball tickets, hoping to win big.

“I stopped in to get me a snicker bar, and I saw that they had it there available,” said Norma Hodges. “I said, ‘Well, I’ll play it.'”

Hodges did exactly what many people did, play the lottery to test their luck. With the Mega Millions, you could cash in on over $150 million and more than $40 million with the Powerball.

Some people think they could become a millionaire by Saturday.

“I wanted to play the Mega Millions, Powerball, because I feel like pressing my luck,” said Jacqueline Rogers, an Ellisville resident. “I feel like it’s my season. I am going to win the Powerball.”

Others don’t feel as lucky, but they still have hope.

"Probably not, but I would like to think I would,” said Donna King, a Hattiesburg resident.

The lottery players already have in mind what they would do with millions of dollars.

“I could think of a million things to do with that money,” Rogers said. “But one, I’d distribute it among my family, and some of my friends that I call friends.”

And if one’s lucky numbers gets called during the Mega Millions or Powerball drawing, here is how they would react.

"Shocked, totally shocked,” Hodges said.

"I think I would probably quietly explode, and then I would have to call my family and let them know, and see how much money they’re going to want,” King said.

“I’d probably pass out or something,” Rogers said. “Lay down on the floor or something scream.”

Those ticket buyers will see how lucky they are Friday during the Mega Millions drawing and then on Saturday for the Powerball.

Win or lose, proceeds will go to the state highway fund for repair and renovation of the state’s highways and bridges.

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