Hattiesburg teachers recognized as Extraordinary Educators by Curriculum Associates

Hattiesburg teachers recongized as Extraordinary Educators

HATTIESBURG, Miss. (WDAM) - Larry Duncan has been teaching for 14 years.

He is currently a second-grade teacher at Hawkins Elementary in Hattiesburg.

Duncan’s students use the Ready program, provided by the Curriculum Associates company. This program is a math program that gives kids a fun way to learn.

“When I first started teaching, we were doing things on an overhead projector,” Duncan said. “Now, we are using smart boards, and it’s way more interactive and the kids can get into it more than how we started out doing.”

He is one of two teachers in the Pine Belt be honored as an Extraordinary Educator by the Curriculum Associates company.

“It was my pleasure to not only represent the state of Mississippi, but the Hattiesburg Public School District with such an honor,” Duncan said. “There are only 31 of us in the entire United States."

Cathy Anderson is the second teacher honored with this title. She uses the i-Ready program from Curriculum Associates.

"To be recognized for i-Ready, from a prestigious company such as i-Ready, is a high esteemed honor for an educator,” Anderson said.

She is a fourth-grade teacher at Thames Elementary in Hattiesburg.

Anderson has been in education for 23 years, serving both as an educator and administrator. She says the Ready program is just as helpful to teachers as it is to students.

“i-Ready is a wonderful program,” Anderson said. “I remember when I first started teaching, I had to create something that would close the gap of my students’ learning. I had to create something that kept the students on grade level. Now, having i-Ready in the classroom is a benefit for those beginning teachers and even teachers such as myself.”

Both Anderson and Duncan will travel to the Extraordinary Educators Leadership Summit this summer to be nationally recognized.

Blakely Fore of Popp’s Ferry Elementary in the Biloxi Public School District has also received this achievement.

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