Groups volunteer at Edwards Street Fellowship Center for MLK Day

Groups volunteer at Edwards Street Fellowship Center for MLK Day

HATTIESBURG, Miss. (WDAM) - It was a full day of service at the Edwards Street Fellowship Center with two organizations helping out in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Martin Luther King Jr. Day is seen as a day of service around the country. That mission was evident at Edwards Street Fellowship as Mississippi Power and Triad Americorps lent their time Monday.

“It’s really encouraging for us to see how the community wants to truly make life brighter and better for everybody. Not just people who look like them, not just people they know, but truly making Hattiesburg a better place to live, and I think that’s what Dr. King stood for,” Ann McCullen, Executive Director of Edwards Street Fellowship Center.

Mississippi Power spent time cleaning up the siding, laying gravel and painting the walls of the new health clinic.

“This is our community. This is home for us, so it’s important for us to give back to our communities, our employees. They take it personally,” said Fran Forehand, Vice President of Customer Service and Operations for Mississippi Power.

Forehand has seen the difference places like Edwards Street Fellowship can make.

“I’m a product of such services growing up, so I know what it means to be able to have those establishments in the communities. Sometimes people need a hand up and not necessarily a handout,” said Forehand.

Members of Triad Americorps spent their time filling bags of dog food for the pet pantry and coloring food pantry bags to brighten up the day of those visiting the fellowship. McCullen says they rely on volunteers like this to help the community.

“Places like Edwards Street, the other nonprofits in town, could not survive if we had to pay people to do all the services,” said McCullen.

If you would like to get involved with Edwards Street Fellowship Center, you can find a link to their volunteer page on our website or call them directly.

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