Lamar County official shares 2020 outlook

Lamar County official shares 2020 outlook

LAMAR COUNTY, Miss. (WDAM) - Lamar County is working on several different projects in 2020.

One of the biggest goals is to continue with various road projects the county currently has underway, as well as starting with new ones.

“We will continue the widening of Lincoln Road all the way to Oak Grove Road and improve that intersection,” said county administrator Jody Waits. “We will improve the intersection of Oak Grove Road and Hegwood Road and Oak Grove Road at Weathersby Road. We will also add a road that will extend from Oak Grove Road to Plantation Road.”

The county is also wanting to move forward in the Parks and Rec department, improving ballparks and starting on a Sports Complex.

"We’re still working on the comprehensive plan for our Sportsplex,” Waits said. “Once that’s done and we identify where that might go, we’ll try to move forward with how we can build that and get public input. We will also improve the parks that we already have. There are baseball fields in Baxterville that are under construction and a soccer field in Purvis.”

County officials also want to work on bringing more industry to communities across the county.

“We’ve got a mega site that’s 2,300 acres," Waits said. "It’s a joint regional development with Forrest County. We hope to bring some large industry to that area. We have a 300-acre site in Lumberton that we are constantly promoting to try and help the Lumberton area and bring industry there. We have a smaller industrial park in Purvis, which has seen quite a bit of activity lately.”

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