Tate Reeves sworn in as Mississippi’s 65th governor

Tate Reeves sworn in as state's 65th governor

JACKSON, Miss. (WDAM) - Tate Reeves became the 65th Governor of Mississippi after taking the oath of office Tuesday in Jackson

Reeves spoke to a standing-room only crowd in the House of Representatives Chambers Tuesday outlining the focus of his term.

“This is my promise, this will be an administration for all Mississippi," Reeves told the crowd.

Reeves said he plans to defend Mississippi’s culture and grow the economy.

“A growing, vibrant economy fixes more problems than any government giveaway ever could,” Reeves said.

To do that, Reeves wants to train more workers.

“I am committed to a historic increase in workforce training in our state,” Reeves said. “A skills-based system that will be the envy of the nation.”

In education, Reeves said he will work to raise teacher pay and to add more board-certified teachers.

WDAM caught up with Rep. Donnie Scoggin of District 89 and Sen. Juan Barnett of District 34, after the ceremony to get their thoughts on the direction of Mississippi.

“One of the things that we do get accomplished as the Senate and House and the Governor is that we can all become one, we can become more unified, and most importantly, we can represent all the people of Mississippi,” Scoggin said.

Barnett agrees with Reeves that Mississippi must improve the prison system.

“That was good news to me, knowing that we can start to make sure that our prison systems are brought up not just to a level, but brought up to be above standard,” Barnett said.

Reeves closed out the ceremony with, “God bless you, God bless your families and God bless the great state of Mississippi.”

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