Residents concerned about erosion on James Lane in Columbia

Residents concerned about erosion on James Lane in Columbia

COLUMBIA, Miss. (WDAM) - Residents on James Lane in Columbia are concerned about the erosion that could possibly be devastating their property soon.

James Lane backs up to the Pearl River and because of the rise and fall of the river, the land around it erodes over time.

“We moved here two and a half years ago, and we had a boat ramp here and that’s one of the reasons we bought the house,” said John Penton, a resident of James Lane. "I had a boat ramp right next to my house. Now, the boat ramp is useless, and I would have never bought this place if I’d known that. I would have passed on this one.

David Sanders is also resident on James Lane.

“I had to go haul blocks and sand up under my house because it dug a hole out,”

Due to the fact that James Lane is on private property, the county can’t help in the matter.

“It would cost a lot to remedy erosion along the Pearl River," Marion County District 5 Supervisor Calvin Newsom said. "Marion County Board of Supervisors do not have the funds to address the situation.”

Concerned community members have reached out to the Army Corps of Engineers, now all they can do is wait for help.

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