SCAR prepping animals for severe weather

SCAR prepping animals for severe weather

LAUREL, Miss. (WDAM) - Severe weather can be very difficult for some animals as many scare and frighten easily.

Southern Cross Animal Rescue in Laurel is helping its animals by giving them special shirts to help them relax.

“It’s called a thunder shirt or thunder jacket,” said SCAR board member, Sharley Hamm. “It’s the same concept as if you were swaddling a baby. It hits certain pressure points to give that calming effect.”

These ‘swaddling shirts’ wrap around the dogs and hold them in a calming way to keep them stress-free.

“It’s just an extra step to take when bad weather is coming or anything that would make the dogs anxious, like fireworks,” Hamm said. “It’s good for when the weather is bad because it just holds them tight. Pebbles is very happy in hers.”

The shelter also gives its dogs calming treats.

“They’re organic and have vitamins and different things,” Hamm said. “We’ll just give them a chew and a shirt tonight and it will just help keep them safe and calm throughout the night.”

The shirts are used for more than just bad weather. They are used for anytime a dog is feeling anxious or scared.

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