Covington “Aspire Mississippi” project gets first place award from MDA

Covington “Aspire Mississippi” project gets first place award from MDA

COVINGTON COUNTY, Miss. (WDAM) - Covington County’s "Aspire Mississippi” team has been recognized for its efforts to improve workforce development.

The Mississippi Development Authority says the team’s program of teaching soft skills to high school students was best in the state last year.

The county will now get up to $5,000 to use to further develop that program.

“We’re pleased with that,” said Marie Shoemake, executive director of the Covington County Chamber of Commerce. “Anything we can do as as the Chamber or community volunteers that were involved in this, to enhance the community and economic development of our community, it’s a plus for Covington County.”

“We thought that we needed to prepare our students for the workforce, because we realize that not all of them will be going to college and if we can enhance some industry to move into our county, we want our students to be ready to take those jobs,” Shoemake said.

Shoemake said the state is also providing the county with some assistance in applying for CDBG grants.

“Aspire Mississippi" is an MDA-sponsored program of leadership training and technical assistance.

Covington County was one of six counties chosen to participate in 2019.

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