Paralyzed Poplarville man says company won’t repair his wheelchair

Paralyzed Poplarville man says company won’t repair his wheelchair

PEARL RIVER COUNTY, Miss. (WDAM) - A Poplarville man who is paralyzed from the waist down and relies on a wheelchair to get around is having problems now that his chair is falling apart.

Wendell Nowell’s wheelchair is broken in multiple places. The wheels are missing bolts, the control is cracked and the strap to keep his legs together doesn’t work.

He says that A&A Home Health Equipment is responsible for repairing his wheelchair, but the company won’t since he’s supposed to get a new one in a few months.

“It’s really slowing me down from doing anything," Nowell said. “The injury part is probably the worst part. Just taking a chance at being hurt all the time. Not being able to reach out and grab anything not being able to go outside.”

One of his leg-support bars is missing, which causes his knee to bump into door hinges and has even resulted in a broken ankle.

“Well, the company, I would say you’re being treated like a number, but you’re not even a number," Nowell said. “You’re just a date on the calendar that can be changed.”

WDAM made repeated calls to A&A Home Health Equipment and even went into the store in Hattiesburg.

“My manager says as soon as he’s finished doing what he has to do, he will give you a call,” said an employee.

A representative from A&A Home Health Equipment reached out to WDAM after this story aired saying, “A&A is willing to clarify details once advised by an attorney.”

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