New movie brings Star Wars fans to the theater on Christmas

New movie brings Star Wars fans to the theater on Christmas

HATTIESBURG, Miss. (WDAM) - Christmas Day is filled with family time, with people sharing meals and even going to the movies.

When the Grand Theatre opened Wednesday at noon, people were ready to purchase their tickets for their matinee showing. Thirteen movies were showing, and the fan favorite of the day was “Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker.”

Many people showed up wanting to see how the series ended. After talking to people, some make it a yearly tradition, some people were bored after their Christmas meal and others came for a specific reason.

Joshua Kelly came to the theater to see the new Star Wars movie in his late father’s honor. His father passed away just two months ago and had been wanting to see the movie.

Kelly brought his girlfriend, Chloe Bell, because he “knows his dad would want her to see it with him.”

“It feels great because I know my dad would have loved to see this movie he’s been talking about it ever since like the first preview of it came out," Kelly said. "He’s been talking about it and when he passed it kind of hurt me because I really wanted to see it with him, but now I know I’m going to see this and I know he’s going to be with me the whole entire time while I watch it.”

Another moviegoer came with his girlfriend and her mom to see the movie.

“We were just opening presents this Christmas and decided to come see Star Wars together to kind of see how the trilogy ends or the end of these three movies,” he said.

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