Nora Davis focusing on recovery after tornadoes

Nora Davis focusing on recovery after tornadoes

LAUREL, Miss. (WDAM) - The tornado that touched down in Laurel did damage across the city.

The Nora Davis campus was hit so hard the building will not be in use for several months.

“We’ve already started some of our renovations towards that effort so now, of course, we have to pivot and look at where we are now so we can continue moving forward with that project,” said Superintendent Dr. Toy Watts.

Part of the roof of the building was ripped off during the storm. A transformer was blown into an awning.

And on top of that, the trees in front of the building were uprooted.

“We’re meeting with the adjuster and the insurance companies to find out where we go from here as far as rebuilding the Nora Davis family interactive center that we had planned,” said Dr. Watts.

The district will reopen Thursday for students.

“Currently we’re assessing the state of where our families are, our staff is and getting our schools ready so we can get back to a sense of normalcy before the holidays begin,” said Dr. Watts

Superintendent Dr. Toy watts said they will bounce back.

“Laurel is tornado strong. We’re gonna come back stronger than ever. We are going to rebuild. And, look forward to seeing good stories from us,” said Dr. Watts.

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