Brian Dozier visits with students at Dubard School of Language Disorder

Brian Dozier visits with students at Dubard School of Language Disorder

HATTIESBURG, Miss. (WDAM) - World Series champion Brian Dozier visited the Dubard School of Language Disorder at the University of Southern Mississippi Monday.

While on his tour, the former Southern Miss baseball player interacted with students and teachers and talked about his experience at the World Series.

“We play six months in a season and the first two months we were the worst team in baseball, and then fast forward four more months we end up winning the world series,” said Dozier. “So, no matter how down you get, no matter how much you fail, it only makes you better. “

The visit was for Dozier to see how things are done at the school, which serves children with speech language disorders and dyslexia.

“Anytime we can get somebody from outside who’s been successful and is very well known to come and see our children and give them the idea that what they’re doing is important,” said school director Missy Schraeder.

Dozier recently helped the Washington Nationals win its first World Series against the Houston Astros. Dozier is currently a free agent, hoping to be signed by another team soon.

“Wherever the team is in 2020, I’ll roll with it,” said Dozier. “But the focus is changing diapers at 4 in the morning. But that’s the big focus. “

Dozier helped lead the Golden Eagles to the College World Series in 2009.

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