Hattiesburg Fire Department buys toys for kids in need

Hattiesburg Fire Department buys toys for kids in need

HATTIESBURG, Miss. (WDAM) - The Hattiesburg Fire Department is getting in the holiday spirit by purchasing gifts for kids in need. Friday afternoon they went to Walmart on Interstate 98 and bought holiday goodies for kids on Salvation Army’s Angel Tree list.

There were two different lists, a want list and a need list. The need list included things like clothes and shoes. The want list consisted of toys.

The fire department kept it to three families: one of five kids, another of three and the final of two. They wanted to make sure all of the siblings get something this Christmas.

“Other than the birth of Jesus, this is what Christmas is about, giving not receiving,” said Zack Barret, who coordinated purchasing the gifts. "It makes you feel really good. I mean I got two little girls at home, and I couldn’t imagine if they wouldn’t have some on Christmas day. The fact that we’re helping 10 kids, it’s pretty special,”

The kids will receive their gifts in time for Christmas.

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