1,300 flu deaths in US so far this season, CDC estimates

10 children have died

ATLANTA (Gray News) – The US flu season is off to a deadly start.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates there have been at least 1,300 deaths, 23,000 hospitalizations and 2.6 million illnesses from the flu.

Four more children have died over the last week, bringing the total to 10 for the 2019-2020 flu season.

There is widespread flu activity in 23 states: Alabama, Arizona, California, Connecticut, Georgia, Idaho, Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, Nebraska, Nevada, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, Oregon, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia and Washington.

Flu spread significantly in all states except Alaska through the week ending December 7.

Flu shots are recommended for everyone 6 months of age and older.

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