Tips for staying healthy this holiday season

Staying healthy this holiday season

HATTIESBURG, Miss. (WDAM) - Most people associate food with the holidays. A huge turkey dinner or prime rib, whatever the tradition is, involves consuming lots of calories. Some may be good for you, but more times than not, it means, sugars, sweets, and treats.

Clinical Dietician Hannah Thompson has some tips for staying on track with your health during the holiday season. Thompson suggests enjoying special treats on holidays and special occasions.

“Desserts they’re meant for holidays and special occasions where they become a problem is when you make every day a holiday or special occasion, you’ve got that cake every day," Thompson said.

The next thing she stressed is that being healthy requires a lifestyle change.

“It’s okay if it can’t happen overnight you just want to kind of chomp away a little at a time to where it becomes your lifestyle and remember we want to get rid of old habits we got to start new ones," Thompson said.

New Year’s is the perfect time to get the ball rolling. New Years is when people make resolutions for their next year.

“It’s really good to set goals but you want to set measurable goals, achievable goals and just to make sure that you actually make a goal to recheck that resolution that you’ve made every couple months to make sure you stay on track,” Thompson said.

Other important tips Thompson has is never missing a meal. Eat three times a day at regular mealtimes. Skipping a meal to save calories often makes people overeat from being hungry. Going on a walk after a meal helps the digestive process begin.

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