Hattiesburg benefits from holiday revenue long after Christmas

Hattiesburg benefits from holiday revenue long after Christmas

HATTIESBURG, Miss. (WDAM) - Shopping centers and malls are filled with people buying gifts and goodies as Christmas comes closer.

But how can all this spending help the residents of Hattiesburg?

Chad Newell with the area development partnership explained.

“You know especially for retailers and restaurants this time of year creates an overwhelming percentage for their overall year. So this is a very important time,” said Newell.

Newell said the spike we see each year in sales adds to the sales tax revenue which is then put back into the upkeep of the city.

“There’s a lot of hustle and bustle this time of year for sure and it generates an inordinate amount of tax revenue for the city of Hattiesburg which is great. In fact, the city of Hattiesburg has over 3 billion dollars a year in sales as far as the metro area,” said Newell.

Here’s how it works.

“The units of government collect the revenue which is reinvested into public sector services and then the citizens get to enjoy all of the shops and restaurants in the area,” said Newell.

Newell said that Hattiesburg has added 6,000 new jobs over the past five years.

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