Roger Wicker reacts to Impeachment hearings

Possible Outcome of Impeachment Proceedings

PINE BELT, Miss. (WDAM) - Monday in Washington, the House Judiciary Committee will start hearings on Articles of Impeachment against President Donald Trump.

The judiciary committee plans to vote on Articles of Impeachment by the end of this week, and a House floor vote before the Christmas recess. University of Southern Mississippi professor Joe Weinberg thinks the House will vote to impeach President Trump.

“The House Judiciary Committee will write up Articles of Impeachment. They have to agree on those vote in the committee. They will then present that to the full House of Representatives for a vote presumably,” said Weinberg.

But if it gets to the Republican-controlled Senate, it is up to them if they want to remove him from office. “I don’t see any reason in the world why I would vote to remove Donald Trump from office. I’ll respectfully listen to the evidence,” said United States Republican Sen. Roger Wicker.

Sen. Wicker says unless some other evidence comes up, he doesn’t see GOP leaders removing Trump from the White House.

“To do that, I think its a terrible idea. And I think there’s clearly a majority of the senate that agrees with me. We don’t think removal of the President is a good idea at all. As a matter of fact, I think its very harmful to our country,” said Wicker.

As far as if it will affect Democrats in the 2020 race, USM professor Joe Weinberg thinks Democrats will have time to recover.

“We’ve gotten to sort of a point where the people who are going to vote for Trump are going to vote for him no matter what they hear or what they don’t hear. And the people who are going to vote against him feel the same way. I don’t know that its going to turn that many heads unless we hear something that we haven’t heard up to this point,” said Weinberg.

If the House does vote to impeach Trump before Christmas, he will be the third U.S. President to be impeached. Richard Nixon resigned before his case got to that point.

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