Gingerbread house competition held in Hattiesburg

Gingerbread house competition held in Hattiesburg
Winners of the gingerbread competition pictured from left to right: Madison Buxton, Sherrye Cawthon, Alicia Fairley and Gina Theriot. (Source: wdam)

HATTIESBURG, Miss. (WDAM) - The Rotary Club of Hattiesburg hosted its first gingerbread house competition Tuesday night.

The battle was hosted at the Parkway Heights Methodist Church. The Rotary Club says they wanted to create a unique fundraiser that people would enjoy doing, they knew many people were already hosting golf tournaments and 5k runs. They were inspired by all of the baking shows on television. Contestants paid for their entry into the competition.

The teams were given one hour to open the box of supplies, figure out a plan and build their houses. The teams could be composed of any amount of people and of any age, some even as young as 3 years old. The bell was rung every 15 minutes to give people an idea of how much time they had left.

Judges scored the houses on construction, overall and decorations. There were 10 categories within the three themes.

The winning house and $500-prize went to a group of coworkers from the Great Southern Bank.

There was also a second prize winner who won $250 and a third prize winner who won $100.

The Rotary Club says they most likely will host the gingerbread competition again next year.

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