Giving Tuesday benefits Pine Belt organizations

Giving Tuesday benefits Pine Belt organizations

HATTIESBURG, Miss. (WDAM) - Giving Tuesday is global movement for generosity which is meant to remind people of the importance of donating to local or national charities.

Some organizations in the Pine Belt are constantly in need of donations, but giving Tuesday can be a big help for them.

Ginny Sims with Southern Pines Animal Shelter saod they rely heavily on the generosity of others.

“Donations are beyond vital to the work we do here at Southern Pines," Sims said. “Every pet that walks through the door needs some type of help. They need vaccines, they need medications."

Sims broke down some common items and how much they cost the shelter.

“If someone donates a dollar, that’s a dose of dewormer," Sims said. “If someone donates $5, that’s a microchip to help a dog that’s lost find it’s way home; $30 dollars helps us to fix a cat."

Sims said for Giving Tuesday, someone will be matching the first $8,000 in donations.

Another organization in need of donations is Extra Table, which focuses on buying healthy foods for food pantries around Mississippi.

“We’re making sure the food pantries have the lean meats, the fruits, at 100% juice or water, that they’ve got low sodium soups or low sodium vegetables whole wheat grains, pasta, beans… things like that," said Allen

Extra Table is also heavily dependent on donations.

“At no point do we do canned food drives, we warehouse store or haul food items," Allen said. “We strictly purchase it from our food distribution partners that deliver it for us each month that actually roll it in and put it on the shelves in all of our pantries in order to help the volunteers the best way."

To donate to either organization click below.

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