Mississippi lottery officially launches

Mississippi lottery officially launches

MISSISSIPPI (WDAM) - It didn’t take long for scratch-off tickets to start selling in Mississippi.

“I feel like it’s going to be a big winner here," said Kristen Conner, who bought three tickets Monday morning.

As soon as the clock hit 5 a.m., folks started pressing their luck.

“I’m feeling lucky," said Daphne Seals. "I think I’m going to win and I just, I’ve been lucky lately.”

There are four scratch-off games for folks to get lucky with. While some folks grabbed a few tickets just for fun Monday morning, others had a more intentional approach.

“I just came out, just to buy tickets,” said Levell Thames.

One of the first people to press their luck at Keith’s Superstore in Moselle bought a one-dollar ticket, and then instantly doubled his money.

“I won, won two dollars,” said Donnie Westbrook

While not every ticket bought will be a winner, every ticket sold is a win for Mississippi. For years, Mississippians have taken their money out of state for a chance to win it big. With the Mississippi lottery, that money stays in state, and it’s a big convenience for folks who don’t have to make that out of state trip anymore.

“People that work with me and my family, we travel across state lines, so it’s good to have it here. We don’t have to go anywhere. We’re right at home and we’ve got it here," said Seals.

Whatever the reason for buying, these folks are excited to spend a few dollars for that chance to win.

“I’ll try this every other day. Ain’t nothing but a dollar,” said Westbrook.

“Yes sir, I’m not trying to hit the jackpot, just a little cash, I’m not trying to be greedy," said Conner.

More scratch-off games are set to be released in the coming weeks. The Mega Millions and Powerball games are set to launch on January 30.

To find a retailer selling tickets in your area, click here.

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