Richton residents facing ongoing water problems

Water problems continue for Richton residents

RICHTON, Miss. (WDAM) - Richton residents in the Arlington Water Association zone are looking for answers to their ongoing water issues.

Customers said the company is turning off the water without informing them and leaves the residents playing a guessing game as to if they will have water. One resident, Mamie Kayodom, recalls getting lathered up in the shower and the water turning off immediately. She was left unsure of what to do.

The other concern residents have is that the company is not issuing a boil water notice for when they turn the water back on. Folks feel it is potentially unsanitary to drink and use the water before it is boiled due to chemicals. They are continuing to question what to do.

This issue affects their everyday lives, including doing laundry, cooking, taking a bath, flushing the toilet and washing their hands. Residents see themselves eating out more often, taking trips to the laundromat to do laundry and having to buy excessive amounts of water just to drink, cook with and bathe with.

Richard Collier, a Richton man, is handicapped and has no way to get to the store and get gallons of water. Collier feels frustrated when he can’t get what he needs. His wife is not medically able to lift huge gallons of water for their household. She must drive to her mother’s house across town just to use the bathroom, wash clothes and shower. Unfortunately for her husband, his wheelchair doesn’t fit in said bathroom.

Residents say they are frustrated because they’re paying for a service that they are not receiving. Customers said they continue to pay their bill and still do not have water. Josie Rice argues that she feels like she is unimportant to them and that the company doesn’t care.

We reached out to the Arlington Water Association for a comment but were did not get a response.

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