7 graduate from Sandersville Law Enforcement Training Academy

7 graduate from Sandersville Law Enforcement Training Academy

SANDERSVILLE, Miss. (WDAM) - Seven graduated from the Sandersville Law Enforcement Training Academy on Thursday.

"We started in February of this year due to new standards by the board for law enforcement training. The hours are 380 for this class,” said program director Eddy Ingram.

The nine-month, part-time program is very similar to the full-time state training. The program is just more spread out and shorter in certain areas.

“These officers are well-trained,” said Ingram. “They are very good officers and they are a benefit to the community because a lot of our smaller communities can’t operate. They don’t have the money to operate without part-time volunteers or auxiliary officers.”

Graduates say going through this training program has been an enlightening experience.

“It’s been a wonderful experience. We’ve had a lot of great teachers,” said graduate Corey Compton. “It’s something that you will never forget, and you grow a bond with the people that you’re in class with. It’s just something that we all strive to do. I want to make a difference out there. I want to get a positive influence out in the community and be able to just help others in their time of need.”

This is the smallest class that has gone through the training program.

The officers spent more than 350 hours at the academy.

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