Changes coming to Laurel Sportsplex

Changes coming to Laurel Sportsplex

LAUREL, Miss. (WDAM) - Some changes are coming to the Laurel Sportsplex. In addition to some new coats of paint, new fences are being put up and a two-foot wall is being placed around each infield.

The city also announced it will be building eight new softball fields behind the tennis courts.

Crews will be out from now until early February working on upgrades to the Sportsplex. Their goal is to be ready to host the Dixie Youth World Series this summer.

Parks and Recreation Director Elvin Ulmer sees this as a way for the city to bring in more tourism dollars.

“It’s an opportunity for us to bring people to the City of Laurel and Jones County that will probably never come here for any other reason," Ulmer said. “We’re known for hosting a lot of tournaments and stuff so when they come in, they’ll bring in a lot of kids, parents and grandparents. Bring in a lot of sales tax and tourism dollars.”

These upgrades will benefit the Sportsplex far past this summer.

Ulmer says with the facility being 22 years old, it could use the work.

He also says sports bring value to the community.

“Through recreation we try to provide a service to the community," Ulmer said. “We do a lot of local league stuff, adults and youth. It just gives you the opportunity to get out of the house and come together at a sports venue and have a good time, it’s just good for the community.”

Ulmer says the upgrades will cost around $25,000.

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