Ovett family recovering after losing home, dogs to fire

Ovett family recovering after losing home, dogs to fire

OVETT, Miss. (WDAM) - A Jones County family is picking up the pieces after a house fire destroyed their home and killed their two dogs.

It was a normal weekday for Katie Smith on Nov. 13 when around 2:00 p.m. her mom called and said her house was on fire.

Once she got home, her husband, brother and uncle, all volunteer firefighters, were fighting the flames, rushing to put out the fire.

While none of the people who live in the house were hurt, their two chihuahuas died in the fire.

Since then, the family has been trying to recover.

“It’s stressful, it’s really stressful it’s just… it’s chaotic," Smith said. “Especially close to the holidays coming up. Like I said, I’m staying with my sister and it’s four of them and four of us in one place. So yeah, it’s hectic.”

Luckily, friends and family have donated clothes and other items to the family. Smith said her family appreciates all the donations they’ve received.

“It’s really good, a lot of people were really quick on getting us stuff," Smith said. “All that. We were really grateful for everybody.”

So far, the cause of the fire is unknown.

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