The Wall That Heals makes stop in Columbia

The Wall That Heals makes stop in Columbia

COLUMBIA, Miss. (WDAM) - The Wall That Heals has made its way to south Mississippi.

The three-quarter replica of the Vietnam memorial in Washington D.C. will be in Columbia from Nov. 14 until Nov. 17.

Mayor Justin McKenzie expects many people to visit the monument.

“Well, I really think, you know, as far as a community and the citizens around Columbia and Marion County, they’re going to support this," McKenzie said. “They’ve heard a lot about it and there’s been a lot of anticipation and a lot of hype of it in our area.”

A motorcade with the wall left Temple Baptist Church Tuesday traveled through Hattiesburg and up to Sumrall before making its way to Columbia.

Robby Robinson and Bob Walton were part of that motorcade.

“Well, you know as time goes on people forget about Vietnam," Walton said. “This is a way to remind them and to see, to go there and see these people. Looking at the wall, and all these names, it’s quite an impression."

A staffer with the wall said there will also be two screens showing pictures of those from Marion and the surrounding counties whose names are on the wall and a display of items left at the monument in Washington D.C.

Columbia is the final stop in the Wall That Heals’ 2019 tour.

It will be set up on Wednesday and be ready for visitors on Thursday in Bluff Park.

After it leaves Columbia, the wall will head to Florida where it will be repaired until its 2020 tour.

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